We need to relearn to return to our true self. Connecting with five Elements is the path to know our true self.
Anil Thapa

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Our Vision & Offering

Physical location of temple of elements. Earth, Water, Fire, air, space. Bringing all ancient land wisdom together for Creating better world. Learning to live in harmony with mother nature .

  • Fire Ceremony, Prayer circle, Chanting ceremony
  • Yoga retreat , Sound healing retreat.
  • Ceremony in tipi ( honoring Native American Tradition )
  • Meditation on connecting elements & Dharma discussion.
  • making life beautiful and learning to live in harmony with the mother nature .
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Anil Thapa

Anil Thapa is a Thangka artist, author and student of Himalayan, shamanic and native wisdom traditions. Influenced from a young age by the Hindu and Buddhist culture of his native Nepal, Anil practiced and honed his skills as a devoted Thankgka artist. Thankgka painting brought Anil from his homeland to places like China, Canada and eventually the United States...

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